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April 22, 2013 at 9:36pm


I have been bound and determined to get an outside run in at least once before going to the Indy Mini.  When I heard this morning there would be yet another 8” snowfall today and tonight, I just sucked it up and got out this morning at 6:15 for a four miler.

It was 36 degrees and a bit windy, and I was a little bit underdressed, but it felt so good to be outside.  Tomorrow will definitely be an inside workout day - it’s snowing like a bitch out there now - but later in the week promises to be 60 degrees so I’ll be back outside soon.

I haven’t mentioned this recently, but for the 12th year in a row, I’ll be moving back to Madeline Island for work in just over a month.  I was at a finance committee meeting at work today and one of our members just returned from there this morning.  There are two and a half feet of snow there now and they just sent an icebreaker between the island and the mainland so the ferry can begin crossing.  It’s April 22.  Unbelievable, even for an island in Lake Superior.


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